Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics
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The GenePool UK MRC High Throughput Sequencing Hub

In May 2009, the GenePool was successful in bidding to become one of four Sequencing Hubs set up by the Medical Research Council to serve the UK biomedical research community in the area of 'next generation' sequencing. The GenePool is the MRC's Scottish 'regional hub'.

The MRC Hub project started on July 01 2009, and involved a phased increase in the capacity of the GenePool, and a doubling of instrumentation and staff by 2011. We installed new high throughput next generation sequencers, novel sequence selection instrumentation and also recruited bioinformatics specialists to serve our user community.

Importantly, the GenePool is joined in this MRC HTS Hub project by collaborators at The Roslin Institute of the University of Edinburgh, the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (University of Edinburgh), The University of Glasgow, the University of Dundee and the University of Aberdeen in this project. These 'spokes' collaborators each recruited bioinformatics staff to deliver bespoke analyses and support to users in their institutions.

Please contact us at the GenePool to discuss access to GenePool technologies. The basic message is that all biomedical researchers in Scotland, including those in clinical and NHS research areas, should consider the GenePool as their facility. You should contact us now if you are interested in applying for research grants that include next generation sequencing and analyses, or to discuss exisitng projects that you would like to bring to the GenePool.

If you are in one of the spokes institutions, please also contact your local spokes bioinformatician to see what they can do, in collaboration with the GenePool, to support your programmes of research. The spokes collaborate closely with us, and will ease the smooth flow of data from our facility to you.

MRC HTS HUB Spokes bioinformatician contacts
The Roslin Institute

Frances Turner
University of Dundee Chris Cole
University of Glasgow Graham Hamilton
University of Aberdeen (currently awaiting reappointment) (-)
Institute of Molecular Medicine
& MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh
James Predengast

The GenePool has core support from: GenePool admin site
The University of Edinburgh
School of Biological Sciences
The Darwin Trust
of Edinburgh

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