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The NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility [NBAF]

The GenePool is a collaborating node in NBAF, the NERC-funded advanced biomolecular analysis facility. NBAF incorporates DNA sequencing, genotyping, microarray, metabolomics and bioinformatics expertise. The facility is open to all working in NERC area science, especially those with NERC grants, and NERC-funded PhD students. In the GenePool we offer Sanger, 454 and Illumina sequencing and dedicated bioinformatics support.

To get access to NBAF, you should

  • contact and discuss your experiments and your needs with the experts at the relevant node(s); for GenePool, you should contact us via the dedicated email address
  • if you are applying for a grant, contact us well in advance (we ask for at least 2 weeks ahead of submission deadlines, but it is best to contact us as early in your experimental design process as you can). You then include the NBAF collaboration agreed with the relevant node(s) in your application (by checking the dialog box on the Je-S form, and including our formal Quote).
  • once the grant is awarded (being optimistic...), you fill in an NBAF application form and submit it to the NBAF Scientific Advisory Committee for approval. This process allows GenePool and NBAF to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date and appropriate access (as 12 months or more may have elapsed between applying and starting a grant).
  • if you are a PhD student (or supervisor) or other researcher not holding a NERC award, fill in a NBAF application form and submit it to the NBAF Scientific Advisory Committee for consideration

Because of the way in which the GenePool is funded by NBAF, we do require that all users intending to fund access to the facility using NERC funding go through the NBAF process.

NBAF is very interested in projects that use more than one of the collaborating nodes and we are keen to assist you in formulating your analytical needs. See the NBAF website ( for more information, contact details of the other nodes, and the NBAF application forms.

For access to the GenePool NBAF node, please contact us at

The GenePool has core support from: GenePool admin site
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